We are often asked by our clients, “How can we mix things up on our Instagram?” or “How can we get more local followers?” A great easy way to find organic content to post is reposting your salon’s stylists, or salon suites tenant’s work on your Instagram. It’s a win win. It’s easy, interesting, helps to promote your tenants and stylists services and best of all reposting is FREE!

How to RePost on Instagram

-Log Into your Instagram account

How to Re-Post 1. Download a RePost for Instagram App on your phone

-When you open the app watch the video on how to repost an Instagram post.

Here’s a brief overview

-Find a photo you want to Re-Post,

-Copy the link by pressing the three dots a top right of post -Go to the Repost It App, the post you want to share should load

-Click Repost

-This should add the post you want to Instagram

-Change the caption

Delete the automatic caption, and write your own caption, but leave the stylists Instagram tag @stylistinstagram. Be sure to tag the stylist!

-Add Hashtags (See Below)

5-GeoLocation Add the salon location to the post with the location marker symbol at the bottom of the post. 

What to Repost? 1. RePost the stylists or beauty professional’s at your salon’s Instagram posts of their work (Please tag the stylist, compliment them, and use hashtags in your comments/ post text. Think win win!)

Hashtags – 20 per post

Hashtag Types to always include -Brand -Location -Service

1. Brand Hashtags #yourbrandname

2. Location Hashtags Examples for Atlanta #atlanta #atlhair #atlhairstylist #atlantahairstylist #atlantastylist #atlantahairsalon #atlantahairstyles #atlantahairstylist #atlantahair #atlweaves #atlwigs #atlbarber #altfacials #braidsatlanta #braidsatl #atlbraiders #atlantalashes #atlantamakeup #muaatlanta #atlmakeupartist #muaatlanta #makeupartistatlanta #atlantaskincare #atlantaskincarespecialist #atlskincare #atlantawaxing #atlmassage #atlmassagetherapist #atlmassagetherapy

Use location hashtags applicable to your business location only. Search in Instagram frequently by your location to find more or new hashtags. Example search #atlanta to find new hashtags. Also research which hashtags your salon suite owners/ tenants are using. ***Location hashtags are the most effective and most important to use. Location/ local hashtags will connect your Instagram post with locals using this hashtags.

3. Service Hashtags: Examples #balayage #rainbowhair #precisioncutting (Service hashtags will attract people nationally, not locally, so use sparingly.) *Pro Tip: Add all the hashtags you frequently use to your “Notes” app in your phone, so you can easily copy and paste into each new post. 

Happy Instagramming! With Love, Social Butterfly Marketing 

Hello Business Owners! Every now and then I am asked, “What is Geofencing?” “Can we try out Geofencing?” The answer depends on what you are selling and how large your marketing budget is. If you are selling something that would interest anyone in the general public, and your audience is not specific to age, sex or demographic or job role, and you have money to layer a very broad campaign to your other efforts, than yes, maybe you would consider Geofencing. If you are specifically niched in the salon or salon suite industry like many of our clients are, you definitely wouldn’t want to spend money on an additional GeoFencing campaign and this is why. 

GeoFencing is mobile ads targeted using Geographic location the users mobile device is located in. There is no other targeting aside from where the device is physically located. The ads are display ads. Display ads are visual image or video ads, think pop up ads that pop up on the mobile device. This basically means your ad is shown on any mobile device in the targeted location. Think little kid with a tablet too.

The pop up ads are most often what we consider click bait. Click bait something you were forced to click on accidentally or attracted your attention in a devious way. The website the ad is placed on made money off your click. You were never intentionally interested in the product or service and it was completely unrelated to what the website or app you were visiting. 

Geofencing is not good at all for advertising something specific like salon services or salon suites for the following reasons:

-The targeting is not specialized to beauty professionals or women in an age range. The ads shows up on every random mobile android device.

-The ads are not placed on reputable websites and networks based on related interest, the ads are lots of pop ups for apps, and mobile games, basically think a pop up or ad you wished didn’t pop up that you were forced to click on trying to find a recipe or weather website etc or game app or the worst ever, Google phone pop ups. Apple has limited pop up ads so much off their devices that Geofencing ads mostly run wild on android devices nowadays. 

With that being said, display ads can be done the right way on respectable networks like YouTube, Social Media Sites, and Google ads partners, using reMarketing lists. For more on remarketing campaigns, stay tuned…

One of our most frequently asked questions by our clients is,
“Why should we feature our tenants/ stylists/ employees in our social media?” or, “Our salon suites are fully leased, now what?” Time for some next level social media! 
We as an agency have a responsibility to our clients to make sure they hit their sales goals. But, once we help you reach your goals, like salon suites are fully leased, or you’re consistently attracting new clients, we can back off on selling relentlessly and go to phase 2 with your social media strategy.
We now have the opportunity to tie in your current clients, attract more followers and show what your business is all about with posts featuring your current salon suite tenants or stylists. 
For our salon and salon suite clients who want to build stylist and tenant retention into their social media strategy we recommend featuring tenants.
Featuring Tenants in Social Media Helps You:
-Get more followers, build an audience
-Showcase the services being offered in your salon or salon suite
-Gives back to your tenants and stylists
-Helps retain tenants
-Creates and expands an internal community as your stylists and tenants get to know each other and their work through your social media
Featuring Tenants also Shows Potential Tenants & Clients:
-Your business does more to promote their tenants and stylists than any other salon or salon suite
-You are grateful to your tenants and care about their success
-You will help them to succeed
-You are proud of your tenants and their services regardless of race, color, ethnicity, level of success
Featuring Tenants Helps Your Tenants and increases retention:
-Get exposure to their business
-Encourages them to leverage the power of social media, leading by example
-Gives them a post to share, since many do not have the resources to create nice posts
-Sets a higher standard for their social media
Do you want to stand out from your competition? Keep featuring your tenants!

-Gibranna LaCava, Digital Advertising Expert

Social Butterfly Digital Advertising is thrilled to announce we have moved our headquarters to Boulder, Colorado and are proudly providing video ad creation, social media, digital advertising, google ads and more in the Denver, Boulder and Colorado Front Range areas. We also provide digital advertising to large organizations and franchises throughout the US.

With our new location, we are excited to have the ability to offer in person photo and video shoots to create authentic video ads for Facebook, Instagram and Google advertising to our Denver area clientele.

For more information or to schedule a digital advertising consultation contact owner and Digital Marketing Expert, Gibranna LaCava [email protected]

01 Nov 2023

New Salon Instagram

Brand new Instagram account with no followers. No problem! Try the FREE Guerrilla/ Direct Marketing on Instagram and follow follow follow! Here’s what to do:

Log Into the Business Instagram on your phone. Follow, follow follow! To find local beauty pros to follow:

Search by Local Beauty Service Hashtags 

#atlhair #atlhairstylist #atlantahairstylist #atlantastylist #atlantahairsalon #atlantahairstyles #atlantahairstylist #atlantahair #atlweaves #atlwigs #atlbarber #altfacials #braidsatlanta #braidsatl #atlbraiders #atlantalashes #atlantamakeup #muaatlanta #atlmakeupartist #muaatlanta #makeupartistatlanta #atlantaskincare #atlantaskincarespecialist #atlskincare #atlantawaxing #atlmassage #atlmassagetherapist #atlmassagetherapy

There may be 10 or there could be a hundred popular hashtags, depending on your business location, how densley populated the area it is and how active beauty pros are on social media.

Follow as many beauty professionals and stylists in your area as possible. Hopefully you can find hundreds. Search and follow Makeup Artists, Barbers, Massage, Esthetician, Nails, Tattoo Artists, Med Spa, Lash Artist, Microblading, all hairstylists, all of those are great to follow.
You can follow 200 per day. When you follow someone on Instagram, they get a notification. They often follow you back or check out your Instagram feed.

Once you’ve hit your daily limit of following, spend some time commenting 3 word comments on all the beauty professional’s accounts you’ve followed.Beautiful Hair Color Work! This is outstanding work! Amazing talent, I love your work. When you comment on Instagram the user gets a notification, and notices you. They may either follow you, or check out your Instagram feed.

If you’re opening a brand new salon or salon suite location, we reccomend spending 10-15 min a day following and commenting in the beginning. This small amount of time goes a long way and is totally free. Happy Instagramming! With Love, Social Butterfly Marketing 

Google Chrome officially announced the browser is saying goodbye forever to Flash Players in December of 2020. What does this mean to you? If your website is still using Flash to play videos, animation and Flash supported functions  at first Google will “ask” viewers permission to run Flash (which will confuse them), and eventually disabling Flash by default. Google stated, “We will remove Flash completely from Chrome toward the end of 2020. Three years ago, 80 percent of desktop Chrome users visited a site with Flash each day. Today usage is only 17 percent and continues to decline.” That is a staggering large number of Flash supported functions considering Dec is only 10 months away. So website owners, you’ve been officially warned, update your Flash to Open Web technology… December 2020 is coming quick.

To read the full article on Google click here… https://www.blog.google/products/chrome/saying-goodbye-flash-chrome/


The number one question our ad agency gets is, “How can I get more clients for my salon or beauty business using social media?”

Well, that depends. If you’re a brand new start-up with a limited marketing budget, you can get a lot of new brand awareness, clients and followers using Instagram. Instagram is especially effective if your target audience is ages 18-35.

If you’re a seasoned salon owner, with employees and multiple locations, you are likely using Instagram already and know many of the tips mentioned below. You are ready to take your business to the next level with highly effective, targeted paid ads. We would be happy to manage your ads for you, please contact our office. If this doesn’t describe you, read on for some great, do-it-yourself tips.

Apps for Instagram: Here’s an article with a full list of the best apps to edit photos for Instagram.https://mashable.com/article/best-instagram-editing-apps/#J1rl_4BtNiqq

Content: We always recommend using authentic content, especially for salon and beauty businesses. Stock photos are very run of the mill for salon, skincare and med spa businesses and won’t attract attention unless they are professionally designed. To capture great content use video and pictures of your business, you working with your clients and pictures of your products displayed and video of you performing procedures and services. Try capturing your treatments using the time lapse feature on the iPhone.  Use a Beauty Ring Light to hold the iPhone for you to capture video. For longer service and treatment videos experiment with the time lapse video feature which captures a 20 min treatment and speeds it up into a 2 min video. Instgrammers love behind the scenes videos and pictures.

Frequency: We recommend posting at least 3 times a week or more. Our agency motto is “Quality over Quantity”. A great time to post is 7-8 pm. The volume of Instagrammers are on Instagram in evenings and at night.

Geolocation: Always use the pin on map function and tag your location in your Instagram posts. Instagram’s Geolocation is powered by the Google Map Business Listing, is your business listed on Google? If not visit https://www.google.com/business If your location doesn’t come up yet on Google, tag the salon suite or shopping center your business is located in.

Hashtags: Use the following 3 types of Hashtags.

Brand, Location & Service

  1. Brand Hashtags #yourbusinessname or #yourbusinessinstagramhandle
  2. Location Hashtags ***Location Hashtags will get you the most local followers & show to potential clients. #city #citystate #county search on Instagram to find more location hashtags. Each post should have at least 10 location hashtags
  3. Service Hashtags: Examples #balayage #botox #fillers #prp #microneedling (these will show your post to other skincare or salon people using these hashtags nationally if they are not attached with a location, so use these sparingly) 
  4. Hashtag and tag any product lines or distributers. example #coolsculpting #redken

*Tip: Add all the location hashtags you frequently use to your “Notes” app in your phone, so you can easily copy and paste into each new post.

Happy Instagramming!

Facebook  offers many audience types based on your objective. Audience types vary based on how you want to convert your leads into sales.

A cold audience is people who have never heard of your brand before.

As you take good care of them and nurture them with high-quality content and other perks, their ice-cold hearts start to gradually melt down…

Ok, let’s not get too dramatic here.

But you get the idea: the more you nurture a cold audience and familiarize them with your brand, the warmer they’ll get.

And that’s when the right advertising channels and ad messages come to play.

You need to match the conversion intent and advertising channels to target potential customers at the right moment.

ppc 600x338

There’s a right time for each advertising channel.

As you can see, social media advertising’s somewhere in between the two extremes: people indifferent of your product vs. diehard fans.

Your Facebook ad messages need to match the temperature of the audience.

If you’re asking a cold lead to buy your product… Why would they do that? (Unless you offer an irresistible discount, which will sooner or later bankrupt you.)

ppc expert 600x338

Not all your offers are ???

In the Facebook advertising land, ice cubes are usually the people you’re targeting with a Saved Audience (the one composed of interests, demographics, etc) – they’re likely to never have heard of you  before.

By using Facebook Custom Audiences, you’ll be able to reach the audience on the warmer side of the scale.

These people have visited your website or engaged with your branded content, and have a high potential to sign up for an offer or buy your product.

Which makes them a lot more likely to click on your ad and complete the conversion on the landing page.

The reason we saw a huge increase in our ad campaigns’ conversion rate was that we started targeting warm audiences instead of cold ones.

We had previously relied on Facebook Saved Audiences to deliver our ads to potential buyers. But switching to smaller, yet super targeted Custom Audiences, made all the difference.

There are multiple types of Facebook Custom Audiences, and it’s up to you to find the most suitable ones for reaching your goals.

Here are all the types of Custom Audiences that you can select based on your advertising goals.

Types of Facebook Custom Audiences

There are four different options to create a Custom Audience:

  1. Customer file
  2. Website traffic (specific website visitors, converters, non-converters)
  3. App activity
  4. Engagement on Facebook

There are 15 different identifiers to choose from, the most frequently used ones being:

  1. Email
  2. Phone number
  3. Mobile advertiser ID
Create custom audience from customer file

Creating Facebook Custom Audiences from past website traffic

Want to target people who have previously visited your website? If so, this Custom Audience is the one to use.

To create audiences based on your website traffic, you first need to install Facebook Pixel. You also need the Pixel for tracking conversions, so there’s a good chance you’ve got it set up already.

The average CTR of retargeting ads is 10x higher than that of regular display ads.

If you want to increase your Social Media ROI and have a custom audience created for you,

please call Social Butterfly Marketing today 239-290-8681