Social Butterfly Digital Advertising is your franchise’s agency partner. We work with franchise brands across the US managing social media & digital marketing programs at a corporate and local franchisee level.

Our Social Media strategy is to provide unique and authentic custom creative content throughout even the largest national brands. By combining high quality content, with proven targeting methods and a paid budget, our social media methodology works at a local and national level.

With a full service social media agency partner at your side, you can focus on what you do best, running your business. We take care of all the details from corporate social media account set up, individual franchise location set up, corporate and local content, posting, scheduling, budgeting, strategizing and more. Working with a professional agency will lower your overhead and save you time, and give you access to top level talent at a fraction of the price of hiring and turning over employees. Our team is your team.

Franchise Corporate Level Social Media Services:

Social Media Brand Strategy: We work directly with your corporate team to create a social media brand strategy that can be implemented at a national and local level and is easy for your franchisees to follow.

Corporate Social Media Account Management: Our social media team manages corporate level social media accounts for many franchise brands across the US.

Franchisee & Individual Location Social Media Marketing Services: We work directly with franchisee and managing partners providing full service social media and Google Adwords. Our social media post content is customized for each location with custom images, photos, and video.

Video and Photography: We offer onsite social media video and photo shoots because custom imagery and video footage is the key to our unique custom content & posts.

Facebook & Instagram Ads: We set up ad campaigns with detailed targeting so your ads are only shown to your highly targeted audience. We also tailor each ad campaign to show content that is unique to your audience.

Posting: Our social media posting service includes a combination of video and graphic design, using your custom photos, and creatively crafted messages and thoughtfully written posts. We set up a posting schedule, and never ever miss a day, ever. Our posting schedule is like clockwork, 365 days year.

Boosting Posts: Social media posts are only seen by people on Facebook and Instagram if they are “boosted”. “Boosting” is the Facebook term used for paying to have your post shown to a desired audience. We create highly targeted audiences in Facebook Ads Manager by location, demographics and interests that we use for “boosting” and ad targeting.

Social Media Customer Service & Sales: We scan our client’s notifications daily and respond to all fans comments on your posts and to direct messages that are sent to your page. 

Reporting: Take the guess work out of your social media strategy. Our comprehensive monthly report shows exactly  which posts are the most popular so we can customize your content to your audience’s preferences.

Social Media Posts & Ad Campaigns

Facebook & Instagram Video Ad Campaigns

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