One of our most frequently asked questions by our clients is,
“Why should we feature our tenants/ stylists/ employees in our social media?” or, “Our salon suites are fully leased, now what?” Time for some next level social media! 
We as an agency have a responsibility to our clients to make sure they hit their sales goals. But, once we help you reach your goals, like salon suites are fully leased, or you’re consistently attracting new clients, we can back off on selling relentlessly and go to phase 2 with your social media strategy.
We now have the opportunity to tie in your current clients, attract more followers and show what your business is all about with posts featuring your current salon suite tenants or stylists. 
For our salon and salon suite clients who want to build stylist and tenant retention into their social media strategy we recommend featuring tenants.
Featuring Tenants in Social Media Helps You:
-Get more followers, build an audience
-Showcase the services being offered in your salon or salon suite
-Gives back to your tenants and stylists
-Helps retain tenants
-Creates and expands an internal community as your stylists and tenants get to know each other and their work through your social media
Featuring Tenants also Shows Potential Tenants & Clients:
-Your business does more to promote their tenants and stylists than any other salon or salon suite
-You are grateful to your tenants and care about their success
-You will help them to succeed
-You are proud of your tenants and their services regardless of race, color, ethnicity, level of success
Featuring Tenants Helps Your Tenants and increases retention:
-Get exposure to their business
-Encourages them to leverage the power of social media, leading by example
-Gives them a post to share, since many do not have the resources to create nice posts
-Sets a higher standard for their social media
Do you want to stand out from your competition? Keep featuring your tenants!

-Gibranna LaCava, Digital Advertising Expert