Salon & Salon Suite Franchise Local Social Media Marketing Services

We work directly with salon owners & salon suite franchisees to create individual, customized social media marketing plans for their local market based on corporate brand standards, initiatives and strategic direction. 

Set Up: From the inception of your new franchise location we set up all your digital accounts for you within your corporate brands guidelines.

Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Listing, Google Ads, Twitter, Tik Tok, Linked In and more.

Custom Social Media Posting: We create a steady stream of custom social media posts designed by experienced graphic designers and video editors using unique and authentic images of your salon, clients, staff and business. Image designs and videos are matched with professionally written content that includes inspirational quotes & phrases, info articles, videos and how to’s, promotions, suite & franchise amenities and benefits. Our client’s success has proven posting 3 times or more per week, during high traffic times is the most effective strategy.

Organic Posts: We incorporate organic and custom social media posts with our social media plans, so your audience can enjoy a stream of custom paid posts, and fun, informational organic posts.

Paid Custom Posts: Social media posts are only seen by people on Facebook and Instagram if they are “boosted”. “Boosting” is the Facebook term used for paying to have your post shown to a desired audience. We create highly targeted audiences in Facebook Ads Manager by location, demographics and interests that we use for “boosting”  your posts.

Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaigns: Using authentic footage of your business and new HD 4K video camera equipment combined with cutting edge Adobe Premier Pro editing software, we create unique, stylish video ads for your social media ad campaigns. We provide onsite video shoots to capture the authenticity and unique aspects of your location.  Video and photography shoots is included in all of our social media packages. Why do we include this tremendous value? Producing authentic and organic content is the key to a successful social media strategy.

Reporting: Take the guess work out of your social media strategy. Our comprehensive monthly report shows exactly which posts are the most popular so we can customize your content to your audience’s preferences.

Salon & Salon Suite Franchise Local Google Adwords

We work directly with franchisees and managing partners to advertise their individual location on Google. 

Google Adwords: The first place most people go to find a new beauty service or place to run their salon is Google on their mobile phone. We set up individual Google Adwords accounts to advertise your franchise location at a local level.

Reporting: Keep your costs down and your number of clicks up. Our comprehensive monthly report provides us the data we need to tailor your Google Ads and Facebook Ads to your specific audiences search terms and preferences. We use this data to optimize your ad even more every single month.

Franchisee Local Website & Page Management

Your landing page or microsite is the key to converting your Google or Social Media Lead into a new client.
Our professional web designers are available to help manage your salon franchise location page or website for you. Your site will always be up-to-date with the correct promotion, and have a more professional appearance and captivating images than a site that is not being managed professional web designer.

Content: We create unique written content based on your location and targeted audience that includes location information active links to videos, a video tour and images. We also customize your slider with new image slides and professionally written content.

Salon Stylist & Beauty Professional Directory: Let our team of professional website designers create and update a directory of the beauty professionals and stylists at your individual location.

Video Ads for Social Media Posts and Facebook Ad Campaigns

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