52% of marketers worldwide name video as the content with the best ROI1, and by 2017, videos will become nearly 70% of consumer traffic2. And, Mark Zuckerberg said on 7/27/2016 after Facebook released its second-quarter earnings, “We’re going to become video first.”

But even as videos become more and more popular, many agents and marketers steer clear, assuming the barrier to enter is high.

That’s where this three-part video challenge for beginners comes in. Starting today, we’ll help you bust past your fears and reservations and confidently record and leverage your first video.


Are you an intermediate or expert video user? Start here:


Beginner tips from BombBomb

Here’s what BombBomb’s CMO, Steve Pacinelli, recommends for beginners:


  • Don’t buy expensive equipment just yet! Anyone with a smartphone can record and send “good-enough” video.
  • Set your camera at or above eye level. Don’t record from below!
  • Using a smartphone? Look directly into the camera lens, not at yourself
  • Make sure the light is coming from behind the camera (or at least, not from behind you). Window light is often better than overhead lighting.
  • You don’t need a full script! Write a few bullets and practice or memorize the flow so you sound confident and natural.

Challenge one: Send a quick video

Let’s do this! First, let’s get into the habit of using videos rather than text. To begin, start by either:

    • Starting a thread by sending a video instead of a text
    • Replying to a text with a video

The idea is to take 9 seconds to show someone you care by taking this step vs. the 2-3 seconds it takes to respond to a text with text. Just try it with your family or a couple friends! Then try it with a prospect or two. If you are a broker, try sending a new recruit a video vs. a text.


Quick how-to:

How to record and send a video via text on an iPhone

How to record and send a video via text on an Android phone


Challenge two: Stop fearing Snapchat

No, it’s not just for teenagers and college students! Snapchat is the fastest growing social media channel and you can’t afford to ignore it. Let’s take a beginner step, a baby step. Just download Snapchat. That’s it.

Download Snapchat to your iPhone

Download Snapchat to your Android


Don’t you dare walk away!

65% of video viewers watch more than three-quarters of a video3. If you’re hoping to increase engagement or to convert more of your leads, you HAVE to try something different. Even if you only send a video text to a friend with a “no-judgment” disclaimer, it’s important that you get started today.


Want to keep going? Take our intermediate video challenge.



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