The most compelling CTA in marketing today may be the “play” button. Whether you’ve just completed our beginner challenge, or are naturally an intermediate video user, it’s time to test out some tools and apps that will bring your video game to the next level.


Quick review of best practices
Here’s what BombBomb’s Steve Pacinelli recommends:


  • Don’t shoot from below! Test out your angles and find out what’s most flattering.
  • Look at the lens, not at yourself.
  • Make sure your light source is coming from behind the camera (or at the very least, not behind you)
  • Write a bullet-point outline and run through it 2x max before hitting record.
  • Or, simply think of recording a video like leaving a voicemail. You are just moving the phone from your ear to in front of you.
  • If any words or phrases trip you up, consider changing them out for more casual language. (Example: say “use” instead of “utilize”, etc.)


Challenge one: Download and use Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse is an app from Instagram, and most people know it for its mind-bending sped up videos. But you can also use Hyperlapse to stabilize your video, and you can set it to play at any speed (including regular speed).

Download Hyperlapse for your iPhone

Download Hyperlapse for your Android phone


Record a quick intro video using Hyperlapse.

Here’s a sample script:

Hi, I’m Joe Agent, a local real estate expert in Lincoln County. I live and work in the Bay Valley area. In fact, I moved here after college and quickly realized it was the ONLY place I wanted to raise a family — and I’ve spent the last 10 years helping other families achieve the same dream. I would love to get to know you, your family and your buying or selling needs. I’m always available at: [PHONE] or [EMAIL]. I look forward to hearing from you!


Once the video is recorded, feel free to send it as an email attachment or via text message. For a more robust email send, consider challenge #2: setting up a BombBomb free trial!


Challenge two: Test out BombBomb’s free trial

BombBomb is the best casual video tool out there for real estate agents. Once downloaded, you can create and store videos to use in specific responses (e.g. response to an online lead, response to someone wanting to know their home value, etc.).

Once set up, you can always access these videos from your phone through the BombBomb app. Once you’ve signed up for the 14-day free trial (no credit card needed!), try:

  • Uploading your Hyperlapse bio video to BombBomb
  • Record other videos, including:
    • CMA response. “Hi there. At your request, I just sent you an automated home value estimate based on local home prices in your neighborhood. But, it’s likely that your home’s condition — or any upgrades you’ve made to it — mean that your home could be worth even more than my initial estimate. I’d love to come visit your home in person and give you a personal, expert opinion on your property value. Call or text back if you’d like me to stop by this week.”
    • Online lead response, based on certain neighborhoods or areas: “Hi, I see you’re looking for a home in the Valleywood subdivision. I love that neighborhood, and I’ve helped 10 clients just this year find the right homes for their families in Valleywood. I’d be honored to help you, too. Call, email or text back if you’d like to talk further.”

The next time you have an opportunity to send a text or email to a new lead, try using your BombBomb videos instead!


Challenge three: Set up your Snapchat profile

If you haven’t already downloaded Snapchat to your iPhone or Android, do it now. Then, follow Katie Lance’s tips for setting up your Snapchat profile — including finding friends and blasting your “snap code” out on social media. (Consider changing your twitter profile pic to your snap profile pic, which doubles as your snapcode.)

Feeling brave? Feel free to send a snap to a friend or past client. Whether it’s a selfie video saying “hi” or a panoramic video of your favorite hiking view, people will love to hear from you!


Ready to move to the next level? Check out tips for sending snaps and getting serious about video in our advanced video challenge.