Dizzle is an Application that allows you to easily share your preferred list of vendors, automatically update users on recent home sales via push notification, dynamically update your App instantly, help distribute the App, and receive analytics on the downloads of your App (for both iOS and Android). Dizzle enables you (the agent or broker) to stay relevant long after the closing and can provide a NEW source of “word of mouth” leads.

What is Dizzle’s ideal use case?Dizzle App

Dizzle aims to help realtors distribute their App effectively with the goal of having end users actively share the App with their friends and family.  People often ask a friend to recommend and agent when buying or selling a property. By providing an App people actively use, Dizzle helps agents stay top of mind when people are referring an agent. Over time, this can create a solid source leads.

Why should you Dizzle and what is the COST?

Dizzle focuses on driving end user engagement and distribution of the Agent App as the key growth metrics. By building products and features people regularly use and understand well, Dizzle creates an ecosystem worth coming back too.  There are NO SET UP FEES and your first month is FREE.  After that, the price is $30/mo.

A Realtor utilizing Dizzle well?

Here is a successful real estate agent in Chicago – Leslie Glazier.  She already has dozens of services, lots of vendors, and the app looks fantastic.

Click here to check out her application.


How was Dizzle created?

The creator, Will Caldwell, learned a great deal about real estate from his mom who is a top agent in the Fort Lauderdale area. The idea for this App came from his mom who asked him to build her an app while he was in college.  His mother wanted an app that she could tell her clients to download and access (like Liz’s list). We felt that having a client download this “Value Add” App was a great way to market and stay top of mind with clients.  In addition, his mom was able to get her brand on the home screen of people’s smartphones.

The future of Dizzle?

Overall Dizzle aims to be more than just an App company, but a company that builds technology that creates an engaging user experience combined with analytics to measure ROI. This agent/broker App is just the beginning of what Dizzle plans to launch in the future.

The Dizzle team is made up of entrepreneurs, and an engineering team comprised of ex-Apple, Ebay, and Qualcomm employees.

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